Mission Statement

CEWC-Cymru exists to help young citizens develop the skills, knowledge and self-belief that will enable them to contribute to the future of Wales and the world.  



We believe that:

  • All young people should be able to participate as active citizens of Wales and the world
  • Being part of that world means appreciating its diversity of views, values and cultural backgrounds
    there must be active engagement between groups and individuals, through meeting, exchanging views and debating differences
  • Education should develop these aspects of community involvement through a partnership of schools, voluntary organisations, government bodies and others 




  • To enable young people to explore local, national and global issues, and to develop as active citizens in school and beyond
  • To enable teachers to educate effectively for global citizenship, and to develop their schools’ curricula and structures to maximise such opportunities
  • To work with local and national government bodies so as to promote global citizenship within the National Curriculum and as a cross-curricular theme in education



Related Policies


CEWC-Cymru’s values and aims are reflected in written policies on child protection, equal opportunities and sustainability (all available on request), and in our efforts to provide events and publications in both Welsh and English wherever possible.