Fun and games

You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your room to get involved with fun citizenship activities!

Some of these sites include games with citizenship themes for you to play online. If you know of any others, please e-mail the link to


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Links Directory

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  • Cool Planet (Oxfam)
    Find out more about the different people and countries of the world we live in.
  • DemGames
    Games based on democracy: try your hand at campaigning, keeping constituents happy and managing a budget.
  • EuropaGo!
    Interactive games to help you learn more about the European Union.
  • Food Force
    Save the island of Sheylan and learn about the UN's World Food Programme.
  • Global Gang (Christian Aid)
    Learn about young people from other countries: includes news, games and homework help.
  • Global Gateway
    Find out about our planet, the issues that are facing it, and opportunities to explore it.
  • YouthXchange
    Interactive games on energy, pollution, eco-design and lots more.