What are my rights?

To find out more about your rights, you can download our Summary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (pdf, 155Kb), or invite someone from CEWC-Cymru to run a workshop at your school or youth group.

In the world

If you're under 18, you are protected by an international agreement called the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This contains 54 statements about how children should be treated. They deal with all aspects of children's lives, from making sure that they have a name to protecting them from abuse. The way you are treated by professionals like teachers, policemen, social workers and doctors should be based on the Convention.

In Wales

In Wales, children should be able to access all of their rights. At least two organisations have been set up to make sure this happens:

· Children’s Commissioner for Wales – helps children understand their rights and protects those who can't access them.

· Funky Dragon – reports young people’s views to the National Assembly for Wales. It has an 80-member Grand Council, which includes representatives from local youth forums, school councils and special interest groups.