What's CEWC-Cymru?

CEWC-Cymru (the CEWC bit stands for Council for Education in World Citizenship) is a small but busy charity that helps schools and colleges with PSE, global citizenship and young people's participation.

We run events, competitions, projects and classroom workshops all over Wales. For more information, take a look around the site.


The Education Officer

Martin Pollard
is CEWC-Cymru’s Education Officer. He runs all of CEWC-Cymru’s events and organised the World Schools Debating Championships when it came to Cardiff in July 2006. He trained as a secondary school English teacher and has been working with us since 2001.


Martin Pollard

Where are we?

We're based in the Temple of Peace in the centre of Cardiff, but we work with young people all over Wales.



Contact us

You can either contact Martin directly, or ask your teacher to do so, at martinpollard@wcia.org.uk. Or, see our other contact details.