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By registering, your organisation's details will be added to an online searchable database. This will enable members of the public and other organisations to find you, which will in turn help to promote your work.
Get your own editable webpage and diary!Once you have registered and your account has been approved, a 'WISeN Community page' will automatically be created from a selection of the information you have provided. The profile page can display your logo or any other image that you choose and a brief description of your organisation. You will also be able to edit other page content, publicise your events and share files and web links. This page is like a mini-website that you can edit whenever you want.

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Your username should be something that helps publicly identify your organisation, such as your organisation's name or an abbreviation or acronym. It will form part of the web address for your profile page. The username must contain at least 6 characters (letters and numbers only).
E.g. if your organisation was called Bangor Aid to Mali, you could choose something like bangor2mali. In this case your community page address would be www.wisen.org.uk/community/bangor2mali another alternative would be www.wisen.org.uk/community/bangoraidtomali. Choose something that is easy for people to remember and that relates to your organisation
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Please use this box to enter some keywords or 2 word phrases that relate to your organisation and activities. these are called 'Tags'. These tags help people find you on the website by linking you with web pages and organisations that use the same keywords.
NB: You must seperate each tag using commas otherwise they will be treated as one word so
for example: 'Fair, Trade, Fair Trade' is treated as 3 tags. 'Fair', 'Trade' and 'Fair Trade'.

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