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This section provides general information and sample activities only.
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Citizenship Today provides a range of citizenship teaching materials, complementing PSE, Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) and other areas of the curriculum.

We will add more materials as our projects and activities develop, so please keep coming back. We are also happy to consider our colleagues’ ideas for inclusion: if you have any inspirational lessons you would like to share, please send them as Word documents to

The majority of activities are divided into 8 modules of work, as follows:

Key Stages 1 & 2

Key Stages 3 & 4

1. People and Their Communities

2. Our Rights

3. Different People

4. Having a Say

1. Rights and Responsibilities

2. Diversity

3. Democracy

4. Active Participation

A module can be delivered as a series of lessons during a term, or individual lesson plans can be used in isolation. For schools with shorter PSE lessons, each module also provides 3 or 4 shorter activities which take around 20 minutes. These cover the same major themes as the longer activities.

Each activity is linked to PSE Framework for Wales, with the areas covered clearly marked on the lesson plan. lesson plans also feature links to other CEWC-Cymru work, as well as external websites which can be helpful for lesson preparations or extension activities.

Where worksheets or information sheets are required, these are easily accessible from the lesson plan.